The Old Penn Inn Park & Swimming Pool

    The old swimming pool which was located at Penn Inn, Newton Abbot was built between June 1936 and July 1937 by Stone & Co of Bristol.
    The costs of the build were £10,000 which was raised by public subscription.

    The site was sold off to Plymouth & South Devon Co-Op for their supermarket.  This was actually a very unpopular decision by the council.  The only remains of the pool and park  is a plaque on keyberry road. 

    The site is now used by Sainsbury's & Mc Donalds.

    The Penn Inn Park had a boating lake which was built in 1936-1937.  The lake was often flooded by high tides and storms.
    The lake was also used as a source for thatching.  By the 1980's the pool had vanished altogether.
    There was also a Paddling Pool.