About Us

WE ARE A LOCAL BUSINESS, based in Newton Abbot!

was set up with the intention to provide both local residents and visitors to the area with as much factual information about Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas.

Whilst many area websites focus purely on providing information for tourists we want to ensure that we also provide useful information for the local people that live here.
To do so we aim to allow others to get involved and contribute by adding information to the website. For example if people  belong to an organisation in the local area or are organising a local event or just have some interesting information about Newton Abbot they would like to share we want to publicise it.

We provide free advertising for all local events and charities.

We aim to make our information on the website as unique as possible by working closely with our copywriters.  We update the site each day adding new content and by amending the old.

We hope that by developing this website that we can attract more people to Newton Abbot and we can estimate that we can achieve 1000s hits per day from all over the UK.

Our mission is simple — to help foster a stronger community identity - There is no hidden agenda and no political affiliations!

All our team are local people!

Toby Hayes
Ian Osborne
Lara Llewellyn
Sarah Osborne
Christine Ellis