Newton Abbot Markets

The market of Newton Abbot has changed dramatically throughout the century. From the redevelopment tragedy in 1978 to everchanging building and development in the town the market still stands today.

The New Town of the Abbots (of Torre Abbey) was given the right to hold a weekly market on Wednesdays sometime between 1247 and 1251.
By 1300 the two settlements were renamed as Newton Abbot (taking the low ground) and Newton Bushel (taking the high ground). On the strength of the market it quickly became a successful thriving town and a good source of income for the Abbots.

Over the river on the Highweek side another weekly market was created. This one ran on Tuesdays and because the Bushel family were the landowners this community became known as Newton Bushel. Over the next 200 years Newton Bushel ran more annual fairs, a number of mills were set up and the leather and wool trades started. Newton Bushel was also a convenient place for travellers to stay.
Torre Abbey was dissolved in 1539 and ownership of Wolborough was granted to John Gaverock who built himself a new house at Forde.

The twin markets of Newton Abbot and Newton Bushel continued until they were merged together in 1633 as a Wednesday weekly market under the ownership of Bradley Manor. By 1751 there was also a smaller Saturday market and three annual fairs – a cattle fair on June 24, a cheese and onion fair in September and a cloth fair on 6 November.

The markets continued to expand so in 1826 a new market was built. Over the next 50 years the buildings became dilapidated so a substantial new market was built in 1871. The buildings included a pannier market, a corn exchange and a public hall – the Alexandra (now a cinema). The river Lemon was also covered over. Further enlargement took place in 1938 as a new cattle market and corn exchange were built. There has been a thriving market in Newton Abbot for over 750 years

Today The Markets of Newton Abbot have a lot to offer with an indoor market which contains a food hall, an outdoor market, The Farmers Market, livestock auctions and car boot sales

  1. Farmers' and Produce Market

    Newton Abbot Farmers' and Produce Market was launched in December 2000. It is located in Courtenay Street which is the pedestrianised street in the heart of Newton Abbot town centre.After many years of operating in this location the...

  2. Indoor Market

    The historic Butter Market Hall is home to the Indoor Market and Food Halls. In the indoor market you can purchase a variety of products such as fruit & veg, gifts, second hand items and much more. Market Hall...

  3. Newton Abbot Livestock Market

    The Livestock Market began at its current location in 1938 and was later upgraded in the 1950's .  The Sheep Market was rebuilt under the Multi-storey Car Park in 1970.The Livestock Markets in Newton Abbot are held in the Cattle...

  4. Outdoor Market

    The Outdoor Market operates in the Market Square Wednesday and Saturday from 8 am - 4 pm .You will also find speciality markets in the Square on other days which include:* Flower & Garden * Book & Craft Market (Tuesdays)* Trash...

  5. Teignmouth Local Produce Market

    Teignmouth Local Produce Market was launched in August 2008. It is located in the Triangle, Teignmouth. The Market is run on the third Saturday of each month and offers a wide range of fresh local...

  6. Widecome Village Market

    Widecombe Village Market started in November 2005. It has enjoyed great success and is well supported by local people and visitors from a wide area. The market is held in the beautiful and historic Church House, owned by The National...